Casting manufacturing

Modern proceedings for optimal results

Shaping and casting

The Arnsberger Metallwerke GmbH has a fully automatic foundry in the environmentally friendly sand molding process for all types of gunmetal including the lead-reduced RG alloys in accordance with the current Drinking Water Ordinance. Our manufacturing process ranges from the planning and production of molds and foundry tools through the casting process to mechanical processing. The fully automatic molding line has a box size of 550 x 350 x 125/125 mm for a max. Unit weight of approx. 3 kg.

The metal is melted in 2 induction channel furnaces with a capacity of 1,500 kg / h each. An ideal plate allocation, depending on the component geometry, as well as an optimized gating and feeder technology are basic prerequisites for error-free production. We guarantee this through our many years of experience and competence.

Here are some pictures of the casting production - please click on the picture.


Our standard alloys according to DIN EN 1982 (copper and copper alloys)

  • CC491K
  • CC499K according to the requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance of DIN 50930-6
  • CC491K with 1.7-2.5% Ni
Cores manufacturing

The cores are produced in an environmentally friendly hot box process. The specific know-how lies in the production of burr-free cores, in the ventilation and ejection system at the core boxes and in their service life.

Mechanical machining

For the mechanical processing of the gunmetal housings multipass processing machines are available. The consistently high quality is guaranteed by our qualified employees as well as our special tools specially designed for these work processes.

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